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At Ministry of Skin we have a functional nutritionist to holistically support you in your search for wellness.

Understanding functional nutrition allows us to have an integrated approach to your health and wellbeing.

Introducing Melissa, our Functional Nutritionist

Melissa is certified Functional Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Applied Science. She
brings over 15 years of experience in the wellness field and has been specifically
trained to analyse and interpret functional lab results to customise
treatment plans to each individuals.

What is functional nutrition?

Functional Nutrition seeks to identify the underlying causes of disease and conditions. After thorough consultations questioning symptoms experienced with the whole body and its exposures as the focus, functional testing is then usually incorporated  to identify healing opportunities. Functional testing involves the testing of samples of bloods, urine or stools for anything from mineral levels, organ function, metabolites, hormones levels, fungal, bacterial, viral or parasite concerns.

With symptoms identified and functional lab work completed clients are then engaged in a health building process using potent, proven, professional protocols. These include Diet/Nutrition, Rest, Exercise, Smart Supplementation, and Stress Reduction. This
natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes.

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What does a functional nutritionist look for?

The functional lab work Mel uses looks for dysfunction in the following areas;
Hormones, immunity, digestion, detoxification, food allergies and intolerances and intestinal barrier systems. Mel then works with her patients to rebuild these systems to function effectively and efficiently which enables symptoms to subside and disappear.

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Mel understands not every patient needs a deep investigation into their physiology with testing and sometimes it may be a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will help her patients achieve their goals of wellness and vitality.

Mel has had to navigate her own emotional journey with infertility and personally understands the frustration of moving from practitioner to practitioner and not getting answers. After her own healing and infertility journey Mel is now the mother
of a beautiful girl and boy.

Explore Mel’s nutrition interests in clinic:

  • Fertility
  • Women’s health
  •  Thyroid health
  • Gut health
  • Skin Health
  • IBS
  • Fatigue (adrenal, chronic)
  • Hormone imbalances
  • General health and well-being
  • Eating sensibly and diet


What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is about investigating the underlying cause of health concerns and getting to the root of the problem. Rather than treat symptoms in isolation we work to holistically build health by examining diet, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing.

Through functional diagnostic lab work and comprehensive analysis we can identify healing opportunities and create tailored plans to restore health. We use the D.R.E.S.S. protocol, which means: diet, rest, exercise, supplements and stress reduction. This natural, holistic approach has been proven across the world to deliver positive results.

We educate, we don’t medicate!

Who Should See a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist?

Anyone! We see a variety of people.

Some clients are suffering from chronic health problems, have tried everything and bounced from doctor to doctor without ever getting any real answers.

Others simply want to focus on learning about nutrition, preventing ill health and living a healthy lifestyle well into old age.

And others are receiving traditional care for a medical condition and want to complement their treatment with a natural, holistic approach such as functional nutrition.

Typical health concerns we see include:

  • Low energy/fatigue
  • Foggy thinking
  • Sleep issues
  • Digestive problems – bloating, gas, pain, inconsistent stools and gut infections i.e. parasites
  • Hormonal imbalances – inconsistent cycles, PCOS, blood sugar issues
  • Fertility
  • Weight issues
  • General wellness

If you’re suffering from these specific symptoms, or if you feel just want to take control of your health with the support of a trusted, experienced professional, contact us today.

What Training is required to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist?

Mel is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, which means I have been specifically trained to analyse and interpret lab results and develop health plans suited to individuals.

She also brings 10 years of experience in the wellness field, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement, Diploma in Secondary Education and Graduate Certificate in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Generally, it takes 2 weeks to see the results of the treatment which is when we will arrange a follow up with you. Your expectations will be discussed with you before the treatment is arranged during your comprehensive initial consultation.

What is Functional Testing?

Functional Testing looks at samples of blood, urine or stools to determine their content dependent on the test requested. The tests may look at hormone levels, or metabolites or mineral levels, allergen levels, toxin levels, bacteria, fungal or parasite contents as examples. It must be noted the testing is completed by accredited laboratories also used by Doctors but the interpretation and meaning of the test results is currently outside that recommended by orthodox medicine that do not have the evidence to prove the interpretations and decisions made on the tests are correct, so this for of healthcare is currently not recommended by the Medical Board.

In Functional Nutrition, laboratory tests help identify potential underlying issues and uncover malfunctions in the following systems:

  • Hormone
  • Immune
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Intestinal Barrier System

Laboratory test recommendations differ for each person however the process is similar. You will be sent a laboratory test kit so you can collect your samples in the privacy of your own home. You then send the sample to the laboratory who then process the tests and provide results to us.

We then analyse the results, identify issues and provide a tailored diet and lifestyle plan to help restore your health.

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