The result of original and patented Medik8 research and discovery, Firewall combines clinically tested ingredients to produce a unique, powerful and stable antioxidant serum.

Firewall neutralises a broad spectrum of free-radicals. Firewall quenches free-radicals and provides a fabulous complement to sun protection. Firewall leaves the skin feeling hydrated, fresh and glowing with a sumptuous silky feel. Its the ultimate all-in-one protect and moisturise formula. Multiple award-winning.

Broad Spectrum Super Antioxidant™

  • Broad spectrum antioxidant serum
  • Helps protect collagen from free-radical damage
  • Mimics the body’s natural antioxidants
  • ‘All-in-one’ protect and moisturise formula
  • Dual-chamber airless pack for stability
  • Instant feeling of fresh smooth skin

Size: 30ml

Directions for Use

In the morning and evening:

1. Cleanse the skin using your favourite cleanser

2. On the back of your hand, dispense a single dose from each pump and mix together.

3. Using your finger tips gently pat small amounts evenly around the face

4. Smooth into your face with the directional lines as shown in the diagram. Use firm strokes outwards above the eyes, gentle, small circles at the side and continue with the circles around the eyes towards the nose on the cheekbone.

5. Allow to absorb before applying sunscreen (if required).

Note to existing Firewall users. As part of the 3 year upgrade path for Firewall, we recently tweaked the formula ensuring it stays at the front of the ‘all-in-one’ antioxidant moisturiser pack! In the latest update to Firewall, there is no longer a colour change when mixing the two sides together. Please be assured the formula is as strong as ever and you will continue to get the same great results. Firewall is now patent-protected.

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