Dr. Caroline talks with our Functional Nutritionist, Mel Aytan, about her new program, Stop the Hormonal Chaos.

Do you feel like something is just not right with your health but all your regular blood work shows that you are ‘in range’?

Have you been telling yourself that those vague annoying symptoms you’re experiencing are ‘normal’ or you must ‘just be getting older’?

Does your intuition tell you that you could have much more energy, less inflammation and more balanced moods, but you’re not sure how to achieve this’?

Are you already doing ‘everything right’ to the best of your knowledge but still don’t feel as vital as you want to?

Do you have weight loss resistance (it just won’t move no matter what you do!)?

Or do you have any of the following symptoms?

· Fatigue

· resistant weight

· moodiness

· sleep issues

· irregular cycles

· low libido

· missing period

· hair loss

· anxiety

· cravings

· depression

If you answered yes to any of these questions you most likely have some hormonal imbalances.

Learn more below.

stop hormonal chaos program

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