Yesterday Dr. Caroline Taylor-Walker was a speaker at the inaugural State of Wellness Summit in Geelong.

Dr. Caroline gave a speech asking women to be proud of their vagina, be aware of vagina health – shout out about their vagina!

“The vagina is an integral part of being a women, however it is still very taboo and hidden. We all have one and will all have issues. Its function and health can severely impact a women’s quality of life, activities, confidence and relationships. Find out how to maintain its comfort, health and function, lets open up and embrace it.”

Dr. Caroline informative, yet fun speech was embraced by all the amazing women attending the State of Wellness Summit and had everyone shouting out and discussing their vagina!

Thank you to State of Wellness and founder Jo Surkitt for a wonderful event that is all about women supporting each other and creating sustainable positive changes in the lives of women.

Content Warning. This video contains material that is some people may confronting. 


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