Having good brows is absolutely transformative for the face and Emma is a brow OBSESSIVE.

As an extremely visual person with steady hands and artistic flair, Emma uses natural looking hair stroke patterns to create brows uniquely suited to your face. With a very keen interest in facial aesthetics and a history of portrait studies, Emma considers the clients face shape, eyes, skin tone and hair colour before blending expert-quality pigments to create the perfect colour and shape. Having once had over-plucked, uneven and thin brows herself, she fully understands the time and effort that has to be spent to colour brows in every day. It can be tricky to obtain even brows and get them to look good for that special occasion. Plus they usually wash off!

Emma also has experience with covering old and uneven brow tattoos and loves the challenge these present so you are in capable hands.

Coming soon:

The AMAZING Gloss and Go (™) Lips are coming soon to Ministry of Skin. Perfect to restore lost lip definition, increase size and correct uneven lip shape. Works beautifully with lip filler and can be as subtle or as bold as you wish. Only the best quality pigment, machine technology and techniques are used.

Also coming soon: Lash enhancement (permanent makeup creates the illusion of thicker lashes. Permanent makeup is applied on the lash line so you can wake up ready to rock for the day with beautiful, subtle eyes). You literally wake up wearing beautiful and smudge-free makeup.

Emma’s other favourite skin treatments at Ministry of Skin are SkinPen Dermal Needling, Lunchtime Laser and a good Chemical Peel.

In her spare time she enjoys climbing, a variety of dance and swimming (especially now her brows don’t wash out!).

Interested in getting your brows done? Book a consult with Emma HERE. Ready to jump right in? Book your brow appointment HERE.

Emma is available Thursdays and alternate Monday and Saturdays.

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