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Summer is approaching but the Infrared Sauna is still important for a number of health reasons and general wellness… plus did you know in one session you can lose up to 600Kcal for $30!!!! Ok… now you are interested!!

We are loving it at the clinic and if you can get our staff off the bed we recommend you get booked in!!!!

The main benefit of infra-red is that it can penetrate deep into the body and heat internally without raising your external temperature – this means significantly more heat can be generated resulting in numerous benefits that you will find out about if you keep reading.

Infrared light was first discovered in the 1800, it was first used in medical devises in 1965 and became available to the public in 1979.

Infrared rays are known as biogenetic rays or vital rays as they easily penetrate deep into the tissues of humans, plants and animals where they have amazing benefits on the functions on the body by generating significant heating in the muscles and internal organs.

How do the Rays Work??

The rays raise the internal body temperature increasing blood flow to 13 litres per minute instead of 5-7 Litres per minute at rest, increasing cardiac rhythm and cardiac volume, resulting in cardiovascular training.

Water and body fluids (eg: blood and lymphatic fluid) strongly absorb the infra-red energy resulting in:

 Body fluid and cells becoming more active and having more energy
 Improved cell and fluid detoxification
 Help cells grow and activate cellular function
 Increased cell oxygenation to cells and muscles
 Enhanced immunity
 Contribute to disease prevention
 An analgesic effect
 Increased endorphin production

No wonder we feel so good after being in the warm of the sun!!!

As you can imagine the therapeutic effects of this is far and wide and wonderful which is why we just had to have an infra-red sauna at the clinic. The combination of relaxing warmth and detoxification and long term stimulation of metabolic processes purifies and strengthens the body resulting in relief from many aliments and increased general resistance – amazing!!!

But why the Dome?

The benefits of Infra-red Rays come from their ability to heat the internal body without heating the external body.

Conventional saunas heat the ambient air to 80- 110 degrees Celsius and not the internal organs and this heat can cause fatigue, trouble breathing and utilise the adrenal glands.

Infrared and conventional saunas can come in wooden rooms but we choose the dome for a number of important reasons:

The Dome can heat the body to 360 degrees via many carbon plates surrounding and in close proximity to the body without increasing the ambient temperature. The ambient temperature is maintained between 37 and 80degrees Celsius, ideal for those who do not tolerate heat. Room infra-red saunas can only partly heat the body due to fewer less powerful plates, far from the body plus they may also be trying to heat more than one person, all issues that reduce the benefits
of the infra-red rays on the body.


In the dome you do not inhale the toxins released whilst lying comfortably. This aspect of the Dome was our selling point. In wooden saunas you sit (often uncomfortably) in a box inhaling the toxins you are excreting plus infra-red rays do not penetrate wood so they will not get to any areas you are lying or sitting on!! In the Dome you can lie on a bed in your own peace with your head outside of the sauna so that you do not inhale the toxins being released. This is highly important.

The importance of sweating:
During a dome session the far red light can penetrate up to 4cm deep warming the body deeply that not only produces a different type of sweat but also burns significant calories effortlessly.
A US study showed that the sweat released during an infra-red dome session was different to that released during exercise or through a conventional sauna. In superficial sweating via exercise and conventional saunas the water content of sweat is 97%. Via the dome there is 80% water in addition to cholesterol, fatty acids, lactic acid, lipo soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals – aluminium, barium, cadmium, copper, titanium, nickel, mercury, lead, sulphuric acid, ammonia, uric acid and also Dioxin
– a family of highly toxic oxygenated chloro-organic compounds.

Other studies with the dome found the following amongst users:
82% felt more relaxed
77% improved silhouette
77% decrease in sensation of heavy legs
72% improvement of sleep quality
63% improved skin firmness

40 minutes of the Vital Dome is equivalent to
1 litre of sweat
2 hours of running


A vital Dome session lasts 40 minutes during which time you can lie and relax on the bed whilst you gradually heat up. Remember the idea of this Infra-red Dome sauna is to heat you internally rather than externally so you may not get warm. If you do sweating will start after about 15-20 minutes.


After a session we recommend you do not shower for 3 hours so the metabolism continues to work
at a faster rate and that you have a calm day and drink plenty of water.




Some protocol we recommend are:

Detox:            1 session a day for 5-10 days

Slimming:     1-2 Sessions a week for 1-2 months

Relaxation:    2 sessions a week for 1-2 months


Eliminates Toxins
Oxygenates Tissues
Reduces Oedema

Reduced stress and nervous tension
Improved sleep quality
Muscle Relaxation
Improves Mind Clarity

Skin Improvement
Regeneration of damaged tissue
Wrinkle reduction
Improvement in dermatitis
Calms burns

Improved physical and mental ability
Improved recovery
Muscle oxygenation
Prevents tendon and muscle pain
Eliminates muscle stiffness and aches

Reduces cellulite appearance
Promotes calorie loss

Improves lymphatic drainage
Improve blood and lymph circulation
Stimulates the metabolism

Stimulates the immune system
Reduces pain
Reduces nervous system
Reduced blood pressure
Reduces Rheumatism and Joint Pain and stiffness
Improves acid – base balance
Reduces any inflammations

At Ministry of Skin we are dedicated to your skin health and wellness via body harmony uniting in Beauty.

You can book your Infra Red Dome session online now for only $30 or call the clinic in 5261 6171.

We look forward to seeing you.

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