You have a skin concern or feature you’d like to change. You’re ready to take control without surgery.

When you look in the mirror is there something specific that bothers you?
Wish you could address it without the need for surgery?
Seeking a trustworthy skin doctor who will listen and care?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t make peace with a certain skin condition or facial feature. People keep telling us we’re beautiful, but when we look in the mirror we see something we don’t like.

Instead of telling you to get over it, we will support you to tackle the thing that bothers you. Because it’s your life. Your feelings matter. And you deserve to feel like your best self, every day.

Whether you want to improve the shape of your nose or lips, correct pigmentation, rosacea or acne scarring, or remove skin lesions and moles, we are here to fill you with self-love so you can shine like the magnificent person you are.

With the MoS team in your corner, you’ll catch your reflection and think, “Hell, yeah.”

Your transformation and boosted self-confidence could be just an appointment away.

We have the expertise and latest treatments to make you look and feel like your ultimate self.

Fall in love with your face and (finally) feel as gorgeous as you are.

We want to help you reach your skin aspirations through education, empowerment and the safest TGA-approved treatments. Our options include non-surgical treatments as well as minor surgical treatments depending on what’s right for you.

Our skin specialists will take the time to listen to your concerns then present you with treatment options. Our aim is to put you at ease and get the best result possible. Here is some of the magic we can work on your skin or body concern:

Improve the symmetry and shape of your nose
Create more balanced and full lips
Enhance the appearance of your smile
Reduce acne and acne scarring
Address rosacea, pigmentation and dark circles

Remove skin lesions, lumps, moles or skin tags
Halt and replenish hair loss
Check for skin cancer
Tighten and plump the vagina to help reduce prolapses and incontinence

If your concern is not listed above, please give us a call to discuss. We’d love to develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to you.

Yes, you can give that skin issue the boot and love your new look.

When aesthetic treatments are done by experts like us, the results can blow your mind. Let’s create a treatment plan that’ll transform how you look, and more importantly, feel.

Transformation Seeker Starter Menu

If this is your first attempt at correcting a skin concern or niggling facial feature, we recommend you book in for one of the following:

Aesthetic Consultation

Chat with one of our skin doctors about your concerns and the recommended solutions. You’ll learn about all the latest treatments on offer and gain a better understanding of the underlying causes of your skin symptoms. Walk away with a fully customised and holistic treatment plan – the first step in your transformation journey. Happiness guaranteed or you get a full refund.

Skin Wellness Consultation

Find out how to revitalise your skin without the use of injectables. Our skin therapist will talk through methods to boost collagen production using peels, facials, laser, skin needling and quality skincare. If you have a specific concern like acne or pigmentation, we’ll recommend a non-invasive regime to address your symptoms. This consult is guaranteed to put a spring in your step and a glow on your face.

Inner Health Consultation

Our skin is our largest organ so it’s no surprise if reflects our inner health. Delve further into the underlying causes of your skin symptoms through a one-on-one consult with our brilliant functional nutritionist. She’ll look at how your hormones, gut and general health might be affecting your skin. Revelations guaranteed.

It’s time to correct your skin concern and feel, not just comfortable, but ecstatic in your skin.

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