You expect and deserve to feel fresh and fabulous. You don’t feel your age so don’t want to look it.

Feel like your appearance doesn’t match your vibrant personality?
Do you look tired and sad despite being well-rested and content?
Wish Marty McFly would turn up and transport you back to 2002?

People might tell you to embrace the ageing process. We reckon you’ve earned the right to do whatever the heck you want. If ageing (dis)gracefully makes you feel great, we will support you every step of the way.

Whether you’re after a subtle enhancement or want to dissolve the decades, we’re all about filling up your champagne flute with confidence and self-love.

Ageing is a fact. We can’t escape it. But when it comes to our skin, we can halt the process and improve the symptoms. With the MoS team in your corner, your appearance will match how you feel inside – energetic, pert and powerful.

Get rescued from ageing while still looking like you.

Ageing gracefully is overrated. A refreshed and healthy glow is waiting for you.

Older and wiser…minus the evidence.

We know you don’t want to look 20 and you don’t want to attract attention for the wrong reasons. You just want to a revitalised look that makes you feel fresh, confident and self-assured.

With expert knowledge and the safest TGA-approved equipment, we can treat your face, neck, decolletage and hands. Even one treatment can be transformative, giving you the youthful and healthy glow you desire. Here are some of the features we can focus on:

Facial Shape: Goodbye Sad and Saggy

As we age, our bone structure starts to regress while the overlying fat pads and muscle thins resulting in a lack of facial volume. Our skin also stretches and begins to sag due to a loss of collagen. Using dermal fillers we can recreate the volume of your lost bone, fat and muscle giving you a more youthful facial shape and happier expression. Threads can be used to reposition the skin and reduce heaviness around the nose, mouth or jowls. Plasmage® can shrink and lift heavy eyelids.

Lips: No More Lines or Lipstick Leaks

Lip fillers don’t have to result in a massive pout (unless that’s what you want). They can be incredibly subtle helping to even out lip lines and prevent lipstick leakage by recreating your lip border. Together we can use dermal fillers to create a look you’re comfortable with and proud to present to your family and friends.

Decolletage and Hands: Match Your Magnificent Mug

The ageing process can be increasingly noticeable on your decolletage, neck and hands. Sometimes women focus solely on the face and forget about these areas which creates a disconnect in their appearance. We can use dermal fillers to hydrate and thicken the thinning skin on your hands and decolletage. This will even out fine lines and hydrate the skin so it matches your refreshed face.

Lines and Wrinkles: Smooth Em Out

Once you head into your 40s, 50s, 60s and over, you might start to look tired and sad, even though you feel happy and energised. Anti-wrinkle injections will reduce the appearance of lines and soften an angry or tired appearance. We can also use a combination of bio stimulating fillers, threads, lasers, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and skin needling to soften deep wrinkles, stimulate collagen as well as lift and thicken thinning skin.

Chin and Neck: No More Turkey Neck

You’ve tried every trick under the sun to get rid of your double chin or turkey neck and nothing has worked. It’s time to say “Goodbye gobble gobble” for good. We can use a thread lift (non-surgical face lift) to address the sagging skin on your neck. Lipodissolve® can remove the unwanted pockets of fat on your chin and anti-wrinkled injections can thicken and hydrate thinning skin.

Brows: Frame Your Refreshed Face

Perfectly sculpted brows can totally transform your look, enhancing your beauty and providing the ideal frame for your face. Anti-wrinkle injections and microblading can help create the perfect position and arch. Let us work our magic and give you the most sensational and symmetrical brows. Beaming smile guaranteed.

Skin: Get That Glow

Glowing skin helps you radiate youth, health and confidence. Whether you’re wanting to remove a mole or skin tag, reduce pigmentation or vessels, open pores or simply want to feel fresher, we can help. After assessing your face as a whole, our experts will get to work using laser, PRP, Plasmage®, skin needling, LED light and/or skin peels to rectify and revitalise your skin. We’ll also recommend a scientifically proven skin care regime for you to follow at home.

Inner Health: Achieve Holistic Harmony

Whatever we do on the outside can be enhanced by focusing on the inside. Hormone imbalances, stress, gut problems and allergies can affect our skin’s appearance, especially as we age. Our functional nutritionist will improve your general health and address any niggling symptoms so your appearance reflects vibrance and longevity.

You’re in control. You get to choose how you age

Don’t let anybody tell you different. If aesthetic treatment will help you feel like your ultimate self, let’s create a treatment plan that’s tailored for you.

Age Defyer Starter Menu

Aesthetic treatments might be part of your regular beauty regime, or this might be your first foray into feeling fabulous. If you’re new to our clinic, we recommend you book in for one of the following:

Aesthetic Consultation

Unhappy with what the ageing process is doing to your appearance? Chat with one of our skin doctors about your concerns and the recommended solutions. You’ll learn about all the latest treatments on offer and gain a better understanding of the underlying causes of your skin symptoms. Walk away with a fully customised and holistic treatment plan – the first step in halting the ageing process. Happiness guaranteed or you get a full refund.

Skin Wellness Consultation

Want to find out how you can defy your age without the use of injectables? Our skin therapist will talk through methods to reduce lines and boost collagen production using peels, facials and quality skincare. If you have a specific concern like deep lines or pigmentation, we’ll recommend a non-invasive regime to address your symptoms. This consult will educate and inspire you to look as vibrant and young as you feel.

Inner Health Consultation

Our skin is our largest organ so it’s no surprise if reflects our inner health. Delve further into the underlying causes of your skin symptoms with our brilliant functional nutritionist. She’ll look at how your hormones, gut and general health might be affecting your skin. You’ll experience more than one ‘a-ha’ moment and feel empowered to take action against the ageing process.

Let’s tell those lines where to go and amplify your fabulousness

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