It’s not unusual that most people start their dermal filler journey with lips.

It appears to have become the easy starting point and an area that others can understand the reasoning’s you had the procedure done, as bigger lips appear to be the fashion.

But I want you to think more about why you are having them done.

For 20-30 year olds, lips can easily be filled and fit the youthful face.

However from mid 30s plump lips in isolation around an ageing face can look abnormal.

The key to good use of filler is using it to maintain or recreate your youthful facial silhouette and not make you look unusual.

Often the reason why lips look flat, have surrounding lines or are becoming downturned is actually a lot more due to the surrounding lip area and not the lips themselves.

The support around the lip is hugely important in how your lips look and function.  This support comes from the nose area, the area from the nose to the upper lip, the corners of the mouth and the chin. As we age these areas start losing volume causing sagging and weakness which then affects lip position and function.  The lips start thinning, losing projection, having lines and inverting.

Dermal filler in these supporting areas can actually bring back a lot of lip that may have been lost with age. The filler replaces the lost bone, fat and muscle and can evert the lip, prevent it from being downturned, add volume and remove upper lip lines without actually adding filler to the lip.

This method is treating the cause of lip problems rather than the symptoms. In those wishing to create a better lip consider the surrounding areas, often treating these will mean no or less lip filler will be required or results will look more natural with the lips matching the face and matching the facial proportions.

Lips in this post are by Dr. Caroline Taylor-Walker.

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