Laser Genesis Facial

An addictive relaxing laser and beauty treatment with no downtime.

What is a Laser Genesis Facial?

Laser Genesis Facial is a non-invasive laser procedure, using laser for selective heating of the dermal skin layer to increase the production of collagen, elastin and new skin cells. The laser treatment is followed by an individualised skin therapy treatment with topical products to optimise skin health.

As we age we lose collagen and elastin resulting in thinner, looser , saggier skin. A warm gentle, pain free laser is used to produce precise little micro wounds and targeted thermal injury under the skin’s surface. This results in tighter, smoother, plumper, more luminous skin due to the production of collagen and elastin. To improve the skin’s health and boost its layers with nourishing important ingredients, the treatment is then complemented with an individualised skin therapy / facial, targeted to your concerns, that infuse products deep into the skin, through the channels made by the laser.

Who is it For?

The advantage of Laser Genesis Facial is that it is suitable for everyone. It is a great introductory treatment if you have never stepped into the world of aesthetics, but are looking for more long term benefits for your skin, and it also benefits seasoned cosmetic patients looking for a simple but effective solution to stimulate collagen or control a skin concern without downtime.

From your 20s through to your 90s and beyond it is a relaxing, comfortable, rejuvenating treatment that all can benefit from. Because it works by stimulating your own immune system and healing processes it can also be used  for various skin types and conditions, including individuals with uneven skin texture, redness, rosacea, acne, large pores, and fine lines. It is also effective for those looking to improve overall skin tone and achieve skin health optimisation. Whether you have sensitive skin, minor imperfections, or simply wish to rejuvenate your complexion, Laser Genesis facial offers a versatile option for addressing a wide array of skin concerns.

Benefits of Laser Genesis Facial

The Laser Genesis Facial stimulates your body’s natural healing powers. The thermal micro wounds in the dermis trigger the immune system to go and repair this incredible layer of skin. This repair process stimulates many processes that lead to better skin health and optimisation. On the surface you will see a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin tone, background redness and general rejuvenation along with improvement in symptoms and signs of rosacea, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. This treatment is as addictive as it’s relaxing.

Because the laser works in the deep dermal layer of the skin, the top layer of skin is not touched, it acts like glass. This means the treatment has no downtime and is perfect for busy individuals who need to come and go and continue with their life.

A great “lunchtime”treatment that is pain free, warm and relaxing that gives the skin a glow and boosts its health whilst providing long term benefits of collagen and elastin production.

What Does a Laser Genesis Facial Treatment Involve? 

Whilst you lay back and relax your skin will first receive a gentle cleanse. You will be provided with some eye protection and then the laser treatment will begin. The treatment starts on one of your cheeks and you will feel a gentle warming of the skin. The target temperature is to get the skin to 38-40 C, the temperature known to stimulate collagen and elastin. Once target temperature has been reached, the process will be repeated on your other cheek and then your forehead and central facial features. Each time the laser is used you will be warned the treatment will start and the settings will be checked to ensure you are comfortable. After the laser, the skin’s surface will be treated with a facial / peel or alternative such therapy designed according to your individual skin needs to rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish the skin. During the treatment you can talk, so you can mention if you have any concerns or just have a giggle with our therapist. If you wish you can also close your eyes and simply take some “”you”” time as your skin is gently heated up .

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Laser Genesis Facial FAQ

Is laser genesis worth it?

At MoS we offer effective solutions to your concerns and expert options so you have confidence in your treatments. We only recommend treatments if we feel they will be of benefit and usually form part of your skin’s long term plan. Consulting with one of our qualified therapists will provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision based on your unique circumstances.

Does laser genesis hurt?

Laser Genesis is generally very well-tolerated by most individuals and is often described as a comfortable, relaxing and virtually painless procedure. Patients typically experience a warming sensation on their skin as the laser is applied, which is often compared to the feeling of a gentle and warm prickling. Any discomfort during the treatment is usually minimal and brief. The procedure is designed to be gentle on the skin and does not require numbing cream.

What preparation do I need before this treatment?

 Before having Laser Genesis Facial MoS recommend the below:

Please arrive at the clinic with clean skin, no lotions, creams, perfumes, powders and no makeup on.

Please ensure you have not had any active tanning in the last 2 weeks.

Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to protect your skin leading up to the treatment.

Ensure all spray tan is removed from the skin.

If you have a risk of cold sores, start taking antivirals 2 days before the procedure.

Do not consume alcohol on the day of the procedure.

Drink plenty of water for the 48 hours leading up to the procedure.

Do not have any other facials, laser, IPL or RF treatments on the skin for 2 weeks before your treatment.

If you are unwell or have any skin infections on the areas to be treated, please consult with your therapist.

Can laser genesis damage your skin?

Laser Genesis is considered a safe and non-invasive procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced therapist.

The treatment is designed to stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, and address various skin concerns without causing significant damage to the skin. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there is always a possibility of side effects or complications, although they are generally rare. It’s important to follow post-treatment care instructions provided by your therapist to ensure proper healing and minimise any potential risks.

What aftercare is required?

After a Laser Genesis Facial your therapist will recommend the following:

For the 24 hours after the treatment:

Refrain from hot showers, exercise, harsh cleansers and exfoliants

Only apply post treatment cream that is advised by your clinician

Also, for the next 30 days:

Avoid sun exposure and wear sunblock daily (physical SPF preferred).

Avoid chemical peels, microdermabrasion and Vitamin A.

Mineral make up may be applied on the second day.

Men should avoid shaving for 7 days.

Can you exercise after laser genesis?

We recommend you avoid exercise for 24 hours post treatment.

Does laser genesis cause breakouts?

In most cases, Laser Genesis treatments are not known to cause breakouts. In fact, the procedure is often used to help improve and manage acne-prone skin. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there is a possibility of temporary skin reactions.

Does laser genesis help with acne?

Laser Genesis can be an effective treatment for acne-prone skin. The gentle heat generated by the laser targets and reduces the overactive sebaceous glands that contribute to acne formation. Additionally, the treatment stimulates collagen production, helping to improve overall skin texture and reduce the appearance of open pores and acne scars.

How many laser genesis treatments do I need?

Best results are seen with repeated treatments. We recommend 4-6 treatments a year to  stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin to compensate for that lost through ageing over that year and get optimal results. Remember skin ageing is a continuum and collagen loss continues, so to maintain results collagen stimulating treatments need to be ongoing.

Are there any side effects?

All laser treatments come with risks of possible side effects. These are reduced with good pre and post care

Common side effects are:

Redness, heat and mild swelling

Rarer side effects of laser in general include:

Blistering, bruising, tenderness, burning, and pain

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

How long will the result last?

The results seen from a treatment continue to develop and improve for 6-12 months, after this time the collagen and elastin will no longer be stimulated and levels will return to your baseline.  Skin ageing is a continuum, it can be affected by your genetics, diet, gut, hormones and environmental exposures to name a few. For these reasons ongoing treatments to stimulate your collagen and elastin, be that via Laser Genesis or other in-clinic treatments, are recommended 3-4x a year. Results can be accelerated and optimised  if you have a  good skincare routine between treatments that continue to protect and repair the skin everyday. To discuss an optimial skincare precription book a RATIONALE Skin Ritual Consultation with one of our therapists.

What treatments work well with this?

Laser Genesis is a great modality for general skin rejuvenation, smoothing and brightening. It also has the added benefits of creating a clearer, softer, more luminous glowing skin and a healthier skin.

To optimise the treatment results, a Home Skin Care Ritual is highly recommended and can be discussed with your therapist. Between treatments LED therapy, Facials or Hydrafacials can be very beneficial for added rejuvenation or to target acne or inflammation.

For increased surface skin results you can complement the treatment with chemical peels or upgrade to one of our other laser treatments to target more specific surface skin concerns such as pigmentation, vessels and sun damage. You can read more about skin optimisation here. With ageing the face also loses volume leading to a reduction in support for the skin. MoS also offers consultations on facial volume, contour and definition along with consultations about wrinkle reduction.

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