This week we asked the staff which Medik8 product is their favourite and why.

Chatter started with giggles as each member had their own fav or got excited to share their fav product with another member. Whilst one person found a product too moisturising, another loved the feeling of the hydrator on their skin as they lapped it up!! Lunch was a skincare sesh 🙂

Today we will hear what Dr Caroline LOVES the most – a total skincare convert!!!

So Dr Caroline, what is your favourite Medik8 Product?

My FAVOURITE product is PoreCleanse gel.

When did you start using it?

I started using it in September 2015 and haven’t looked back.

Why did you start using it?

I was never a strong believer in skincare. Being a Doctor I was more focused on prescription products and hard-core solutions that gave instant results. I haven’t got any patience!! But I had to stop some antibiotics I was using for over 7 years to control my rosacea / acne due to pregnancy and it all flared up, and I was sad!! My skin therapist Lauren Irvine has wonderful skin. She has used medical grade skincare for many years. She had been on at me for over a year to get my act together to commit to a skincare regime. So with a full face of spots I decided to follow her advice. Being very time poor and not good at using products I started on Porecleanse Gel and OMG……….. its a winner!!!!

Why do you love it?

Simply because it works!!!

I have always had very oily skin and struggled with acne, open pores and comedones. At the end of the day my skin looked like an oil slick, with make- up running off it and it was always bumpy to touch. PoreCleanse gel stopped all of this! It felt nice, smelt nice and maintains my skin concerns. I have to admit I am still bad with skincare regimes but every day and night I always use this cleanser otherwise all my issues return. Its ingredients are also anti ageing so not only is it solving my skin concerns but its helping me to keep my skin youthful. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

How do you use it?

PoreCleanse Gel is a daily cleanser. It can be used once or twice a day to cleanse the skin plus help reduce oil, dirt and bacteria. You just apply a small amount to your hands and massage it into your moistened face. Then wash off with water – easy.

Any Tip you wish to share about this product?

Yes a few:

I keep a bottle in the shower and one by my toothbrush so I never have an excuse not to use it.

Also you do only really need a pea size amount (if not smaller) to cleanse the face, so the product really lasts.

I also LOVE to use it on my body. I have found it great on my declottage and upper arms.

Also keep it away from your partners – my husband now loves it too!!

About PoreCleanse gel:

PoreCleanse gel is a pore refining cleansing gel for any age group that mainly manages the concerns of oily acne prone or combination skin, whilst providing anti-ageing benefits.

Its main ingredients are:

L-Mandelic Acid: A gentle AHA with exfoliation and anti bacterial properties.

Salicyclic acid – A BHA providing exfoliation and preventing pore clogging, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates new cell growth and reduces inflammation

L-Lactic acid – an AHA that hydrates and exfoliates, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation.

Yoghurt Extract – Rich in Vitamins, Calcium, minerals and growth factors.

Mangosteen Peel Extract – potent anti oxidant with ant-viral, anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties.

Raspberry Fruit Extract – An antioxidant, astringent and anti inflammatory.

Why Medical Skin Clinic Australia and Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker have chosen Medik8 as their cosmeceutical:

Dr Caroline “I searched for a couple of years to find a product I was happy to sell to clients. I wanted a product that you could rub into your skin more than once a day and trust would not cause any long term skin or internal health concerns. I do worry about all the chemicals in a lot of brands. I wanted you to trust your skincare product was safe for your health today and into the future and the product contained the correct ingredients, in the correct formulation to reach their target concern with no irritation, in a stable manner proven by science………. MEDIK8 did this.

 Medik8 is:

Soap free

Sulphate free.

Paraben free.

Formulated to be compatible with your skin

Has enhanced stability and potency

Fresh via small batch production by hand.

Professional strength

Cruelty free

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