This weekend I had the massive treat of being sponsored by Merz to attend the ACSD conference in Sydney.

It was such an amazing opportunity as not only did I get 2 nights without my toddlers (oops did that slip in!!) but I also got to learn from national and international leaders on recent findings in aesthetic treatments that have been around for a while and new ones launched and developing. Exciting appearances were from two mind blowing women from USA with resumes to die for including working on the TV program Doctors – Dr Sonia Batra and Dr Sabrina Fabi.

For me it is aesthetic porn, I am in awe of the presenters especially the women who have done such amazing things in their careers and I then have to control myself amongst the old, new and evolving treatments and machines – having to be tamed by Kylie my Practice Manager who has to deal with potential spending of $$$$ that amounts as my wish list grows.

Having been unable to attend conferences over the past few years with pregnancies and babies, this was the first time I have attended ASCD having been started by Prof Greg Goodman a Melbourne based Dermatologist.  Conferences are expensive to attend and it can be hit or miss as to what you learn. But I must say this was a winner. For me the importance aspects are the relevance of the topics fitting my practice and community, the proven scientific evidence behind the procedures and their results and the ability to teach me something new when I have been in the industry for 9 year, to my delight this conference ticked all the boxes.

But what have I brought back???

Well I have many new pearls.

In the past Dermal Fillers have often been taught in regards to just filling areas of volume loss in the face without much thought to the process. I have always tried to relate my treatments and teach my staff to the cause of ageing and known anatomy and facial compartments and it was great to see teaching is now also coming from this direction. My thoughts and methods have been confirmed with lectures I attended by plastic surgeons and anatomists along with developing knowledge in how to ensure injecting is done as safely as possible. Clients forget the face is not only the first thing people see but it is full of important nerves and vessels. In the wrong hands fillers can have dire consequences. Don’t shop for deals, shop for expertise and safety, you wouldn’t get your hair cut at the cheapest salon so why risk your face more than your hair????

I learn some very interesting psychological concepts on perception. It is not uncommon that clients cannot see improvements after treatments that I am often excited about! This weekend I found out one aspect why. Our brains see our face globally and locally. After a procedure we seem to forget what we looked like before and be unable to perceive our face globally but instead only see it locally which can often highlight previous insignificant or ignored flaws. Also it has been shown that if we have an equally good and bad change, we automatically only see the bad change (which may be a bruise or swelling), so we are our own worst enemies!!! With this knowledge, I am unsure how I can improve post procedural happiness – maybe I will just have to ban mirrors lol


Jawline seems to be coming through as the new Lips and I have learnt many new ways to improve this area from techniques with dermal fillers, antiwrinkle injections, fat loss treatments and skin tightening procedures all without our capacity at the clinic.


Melasma and pigmentation is our heart sink condition as to date there is no wonder treatments on the market. Development in this area is progressing but there appears to still be no new and life changing treatment.


Rosacea was featured a lot. It has been proven that there is a direct relationship between vessels, redness, signs and symptoms and disease progression. So removing the vessels should contribute to disease improvement. This is great to confirm as my mainstay of treatment is first to see Mel our functional nutritionist to sort out the gut, combined with laser to remove vessels and improve the epidermal barrier plus home skincare to continue healing and maintain results.


The number of uses of anti wrinkle injections were also described. We already use it for migraines, sweating and scar reduction but it was interesting to find it can help with flushing and redness in rosacea, skin itching and complex skin pain conditions.

Scar revision including acne scarring seemed to be a big topic and although at MOS we do combine treatments to get scar improvement I have some new protocols on procedures with evidence to bring confidence in results.

To my delight, emphasis was on multiple modality of treatments for optimal results. This is something I am a big believer in. Unfortunately ageing is multifactorial and so all elements need to be addressed from giving skin back its support and youthful contours secondary to bone, muscle and fat regression, improving skin collagen and elastin by the stimulation of collagen and elastin fibres and looking at improve skin surface irregularities to give a clearer complexion.

Many lectures were focused on looking at other aspects of the body. In the past the face has been the mainstay for treatment but we have skin, muscle, fat and bone everywhere so we have to ensure areas such as the neck, chest, hands, buttocks and legs match the face to bring about a natural rejuvenated look.


Being a dermatology conference it was great to have some extra pearls on diagnosing that brown spot especially on the face where it can be very very difficult to differentiate between a simple bit of pigment from an early melanoma. An amazing presentation was also given on sunscreen which I always get questions about. From this I will be doing my own research on sunscreen brands to help advise you which to use to get the best sun protection but the least long term toxic effects …. So watch out for this to come as it will be essential advice for you and your family this summer.


Two items have come onto my wish list and these are

1. A body contouring machine that builds muscle whilst reducing fat and

2. Another a machine to reduce incontinence and increase pelvic floor tone and sexual satisfaction for both men and women.

I am a massive vagina advocate!!! I wish to get us all shouting out about our vagina and its problems that women are too embarrassed to talk out. These machines I really wish to bring into my practice but they cost almost the same as a small house or top luxury sports car…… To get them in I have to get my practice manager on side who is my sensible purse string holder … so if you wish to see these in Torquay help me by making lots of “I WANT “ comments so I can prove they are needed xxxxx

So what an exciting weekend.

I cannot wait to get back to work and start putting my cemented ideas and new evidence based protocols and combinations into practice.

If you have any questions please ask or pop into the clinic and have a consultation.

We aim for body harmony inside and out uniting in your happiness, empowerment and beauty.

I will also be talking about the Vagina at The State of Wellness Summit at the GMHBA stadium on 10th October in Geelong and be on the Q&A panel but myself and our functional nutritionist Mel will be at our stand throughout the day (so will Kylie our practice manager if you wish to beg her for me to get our new machines J). Ministry of Skin is also delighted to be a sponsor of the event – for tickets head to www.stateofwellness.com.au


Mel and I are also holding an FREE information night on how internal health affects the skin on 3rd October from 7pm-8pm at our clinic or it will be live on FB from 7pm. To book go to


Otherwise keep subscribed to keep up to date with clinic news, information and just simple exciting things 🙂

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