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Ministry of Skin, formally Medical Skin Clinic, is a luxurious Doctor led Skin Cancer, Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic in Torquay.

Ministry of Skin started because it wanted to make you feel beautiful and in harmony with your soul, reflecting inner health, self-love and longevity.

With over 80 years’ experience of highly trained doctors, nurses and skin therapists we use treatments that are as non toxic and sustainable as possible in a calm, welcoming environment where we listen and educate you as an individual.

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Holistic skin therapies for every skin concern.


Dedicated skin products
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Dedicated skin products
available on our shop.

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Latest News from Ministry of Skin

What is THYROPAUSE? with Mel Aytan

Have you heard of this term? It’s the drop in reproductive hormones that can trigger hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). It’s not a diagnosis but more a term for what can happen in perimenopause with hormonal changes. Your symptoms may very well be hypothyroidism, or your peri symptoms can be exacerbated by low functioning thyroid. How do […]

Post Birth Control Syndrome (PBCS) with Mel Aytan

PBCS is when you come off the pill or other hormonal contraceptive and symptoms appear in the next coming months.  Most likely the same symptoms that were there before the pill and they could even be worse now. Why does this happen? Hormonal contraceptives shut down the reproductive system, disconnecting the brain communicating to the […]

Hello. Is it you we’re looking for? – Now Hiring Dermal Therapist

Hello. Is it you we’re looking for? Yes, we just sang that in our best Lionel Ritchie voice. We’re Ministry of Skin and we’re on the hunt for a skin-health-boosting, team-leading Senior Dermal Therapist. A bit about us Based in Torquay, we provide aesthetic beauty treatments in a stylish environment. By combining treatments with wellness […]

Hormonal Acne with Mel Aytan

Dealing with pimples at any age is so not fair. As a teenager when you’re in the formative years and then as an adult when your kids are teenagers. For years, the treatment for hormonal acne has been the birth control pill, but what if that’s not for you? In this blog I will talk […]

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Book an appointment online or call the clinic on 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment.

Book an appointment online or call the clinic on 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment.


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